Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Pleasure Barons - Live In Las Vegas (1993)

Led by the late, great, Country Dick Montana and featuring the Reverend Mojo Nixon and the incomparable Dave Alvin, the Pleasure Barons laid waste to rock and roll convention. Call it cow punk, psycho-billy, or pure mayhem, this CD is a monument to what makes rock great. It will never happen again.

The greatest supergroup never to be seen again. Perfect mix of drunken pyschos doing fantastic music that would make the clowns at The Rock and Roll Hall of Lame quake in their booties.

"Blasters guitarist Dave Alvin spent the early '90s touring with the Pleasure Barons, featuring Mojo Nixon and Beat Farmers drummer/singer Country Dick Montana. Their rowdy stage show was chronicled on a 1993 concert album that didn't include the following encounter with an audience member.

Some guy in the audience in Isla Vista was heckling me nonstop," Alvin told the Reader, "and Mojo...jumped off the stage, grabbed the loudmouth, threw him to the floor, and dry-humped him into submission while the audience cheered. The poor heckler -- after Mojo was finished punishing him -- ran out the front door and probably never heckled anyone again. When Mojo jumped back onstage, Country Dick said, 'Good job, Mojo. Please come by my room later.'"

Mojo Nixon, Country Dick Montana, and Dave Alvin's Pleasure Barons are described at as "a Las Vegas revue from acts who aren't going to be asked to play Vegas." A live album was released of a second Pleasure Barons tour in 1993." ~

1. Closing Time
2. Take A Letter Maria
3. Who Do You Love?
4. Louisiana Lip Lock
5. Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant
6. Games People Play
7. Jackson
8. Amos Moses
9. Gangster Of Love
10. Elvis Is Everywhere
11. The Definitive Tom Jones Medley
( It's Not Unusual/Delilah/What's New )

The Pleasure Barons: Mojo Nixon, Country Dick Montana (vocals), Dave Alvin (vocals, guitar).
Additional personnel: Caren Abrams (vocals), Joey Harris (guitar), Jonny "Fucking" Viau (saxophone), Tim "Steelbone" Cook (trombone, steel guitar), Juke Logan (keyboards, harmonica), Gil T. (bass), Jerry Angel (drums), Paul Kamanski, Douglas Farage, David Farage (background vocals, percussion).

Caren Abrams - Choir, Chorus, Vocals
Chris Bellman - Mastering
Country Dick Montana - Liner Notes, Mixing, Producer, Vocals
Dave Alvin - Guitar, Vocals
David Farage - Choir, Chorus, Percussion
Douglas Farage - Choir, Chorus, Percussion
Gil T. - Bass
Jerry Angel - Drums
Joey Harris - Guitar
Johnny Logan - Harp, Keyboards
Johnny Viauk - Saxophone
Jonny Viau - Saxophone
Juke Logan - Harp, Keyboards
Lou Beach - Cover Design, Cover Montage
Mark Linett - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Mojo Nixon - Vocals
Paul Kamanski - Choir, Chorus, Percussion
Terri Lande Bromberg - Art Direction
The Pleasure Barons - Main Performer
Tim Cook - Guitar (Steel), Trombone
Tim Steelbone Cook - Guitar (Steel), Trombone

TPB - LILV : Awright.....


  1. You deserve to have a comment on here, so you know that someone was surfing for Pleasure Barons stuff and came across that awesome Mojo-humping-a-heckler tale.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. One of the most entertaining floor shows ever. The night I saw them at Pine Street theatre in Portland in 1989, they had the lovely Katy Moffatt, Rosie Flores and John Doe, all fine players and trying to do justice to the tunes, while the loonies (Mojo and Dick) did what they do. Thanks for this post. - willy


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