Saturday, May 1, 2010

Against All Authority - 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000)

Genre: Punk Rock, Ska Punk
Origin: Miami, Florida
Formed: 1992
Label: Hopeless
File: 76 Mb (320kbps)

Danny Lore: Bass & Vocals
Joe Koontz: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Spikey Goldbach: Drums
Jeremy Kaiser: Trumpet
Tim Coats: Saxaphone

1. 24 Hour Roadside Resistance 1:57
2. Dinkas When I Close My Eyes 1:40
3. Pestilent Existence 2:17
4. Committing The Truth 1:57
5. Nothing To Lose 2:08
6. I Think You Think Too Much 2:15
7. The Next Song 3:28
8. Ugly Desires 1:45
9. Killing The Truth 2:50
10. Policeman 1:44
11. I'm Weak Inside 2:39
12. Stuck In A Rut 2:30
13. The Excuses 1:37
14. The Source Of Strontium 90 5:08
Total Playing Time: 33:55

Here's a great band I was obsessed with when I was younger, and this album is bringing back a lot of memories. This one is more punk then ska but they do have their share of the ska breakdowns which are pretty cool. I have a couple more albums and splits I can rip if anyone is interested, but I regrettably no longer have "Destroy What Destroys You" or "All Fall Down" which I really want and I have no idea what happened to my copies so If anyone has those, let me know.

24 Hour Roadside Resistance


  1. Hello! The link doesn't seem to work, what should I do? Thanks for the blog, btw!

  2. it works because i just downloaded it to make sure

  3. the link is the name of the album right above these comments


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