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Enemy Soil - The Ruins Of Eden (1997)

The Ruins Of Eden (1997)

Genre - Grind
Origin - Virginia
Time - 22:09 min.
File - 44.79 MB (320kbps)

Enemy Soil was a grindcore band from Virginia, USA formed by Richard Johnson, R. Mason & Vaughn that existed through most of the 1990s. Their lyrics are mostly about sociopolitical subjects with a few covering the "darker side" of personal relationships.

Enemy Soil had one album, "The Ruins of Eden" pressed on vinyl by Insolito Records and on CD by Clean Plate Records and a mini-album, "Fractured Theology" issued by Profane Existence FE. The rest of the band’s releases were EPs, split EPs, and compilation appearances. Some of the bands Enemy Soil put out splits with included Agoraphobic Nosebleed, pg.99, Wadge, Reversal Of Man and Corrupted.

Two of the guys that were in Enemy Soil went on to Pig Destroyer (JR & Brian). Other bands that have ex-Enemy Soil members include Drugs Of Faith (Richard Johnson), Blower (R.Mason/Richard Johnson), Exploding Meth Lab (R. Mason, Vaughn), Autoerotichrist (R.Mason), City of Caterpillar (Jeff Kane), Index (Richard Johnson, R. Mason), Verse En Coma (Jeff Kane), Battletorn (Omid), and Last Black Chapter (R. Mason). Also, the original bassist from Pg.99 was in the band on vocals for a time. (taken from LastFM)

Track List:
1. Introduction
2. Lost
3. Hypocrisy
4. Facade
5. Enough
6. Evolution
7. Sentencing
8. Clone
9. Combustion
10. Glasshead
11. Obey
Live at Fiesta Grande #5
12. The Weatherman
13. Group Think

14. Small Man, Big Mouth (Minor Threat)
15. Solemn Witness

16. Sentencing

Top notch grindcore out of Virginia! This is the CD version Clean Plate Records put out that includes the "Live at Fiesta Grande #5" flexi. "The Ruins Of Eden" was originally released as a 10" on the German label Insolito Records also in 97'.

Enemy Soil started out as a drum machine grind band and then added a real drummer not long before they headed out to the West Coast to play Fiesta Grande #5 fest. put on by Slap A Ham Records. The band called it quits in the spring of 99' and members went on to form or join other powerhouse units mentioned above.

Not alot of information floating around about Enemy Soil, you can go here and see their out put. I was a big fan of this band and have a good deal of their records except for the split 7" w/Wadge, live in Virginia 7", a few split tapes and the double disc discography titled "Smashes The State!" that Bones Brigade Records put out not long ago. This is killer grindcore!



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