Sunday, May 16, 2010

Violent Femmes - Viva Wisconsin (1999)

Genre: Rock & Roll, Folk Punk
Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Years Active: 1980-2009
Label: Beyond
Recording: The songs were recorded on a six-date acoustic concert tour of their home state of Wisconsin between October 25-31, 1998
File: 165 Mb (320kbps) Cd-Rip

Gordon Gano - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Ritchie - Bass, Vocals, shakuhachi, xylophone, soprano sax, harmonica, conch shell, theremin
Guy Hoffman - Drums, Vocals, bugle
Sigmund Snopek III - piano, oboe, flutes, bass clarinet
Ray Cribb - trombone, bass guitar
Mike Kock - Saxophone
Eric Markstrum - trombone
Shane Derstl - Trumpet
Producer - Dave Vartanian

1. Prove My Love 2:54
2. I'm Nothing 2:28
3. Country Death Song 4:51
4. Blister In The Sun 2:32
5. Gimme The Car 5:45
6. Don't Talk About My Music 2:14
7. Confessions 7:33
8. Hallowed Ground 3:45
9. Life Is An Adventure 2:30
10. Old Mother Reagan :31
11. Ugly 2:55
12. Good Feeling 4:25
13. Dahmer Is Dead :53
14. American Music 4:03
15. Special 2:14
16. Sweet World Of Angels 5:18
17. Black Girls 4:31
18. Gone Daddy Gone 3:09
19. Add It Up 5:59
20. Kiss Off 4:31

Ok, here's one of my favorite live albums ever, this is the Violent Femmes in our home state of the land of cheese. These are all acoustic tracks and it seriously makes it that much better. The recording and production are pristine and the band is in top form. If you haven't thought about this band in years, now's your chance to relive some great memories, because most of the classics are here.
You were born too soon
I was born too late
But every time I look at that
Ugly lake it reminds me of me
It reminds me of me

Do you like American music
We like American music
I like American music baby

Viva Wisconsin

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  1. great album! thanks! / ¡gran album! ¡gracias! (from argentina)


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