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Deep Turtle - There's a Vomitsprinkler in My Liverriver (1994)

1994 - There's A Vomitsprinkler In My Liverriver

Formed in 1990, Deep Turtle was a product of the burgeoning underground music culture of the city of Pori, Finland. Deep Turtle's music fused the energy of hardcore punk, the harmonies of jazz, latin rhythms, and the experimentalism of progressive rock into a style, which was sometimes dubbed jazzcore  or weirdcore by listeners and reviewers. Signature elements of the band's music were an abundance of uncommon time signatures; frantic and abrupt mood changes between soft jazz tones and blistering punk  assault; nimble bass guitar work providing a counterpoint  to the guitar  attack; and often indecipherable lyrics delivered both in Spanish and in English. Some comparisons have been made to bands like Cardiacs  (Turtle's 1994 album in fact has a song titled Cardiako) and NoMeansNo.

Deep Turtle broke up in 1996 but reformed again in 2002, only to disband again in 2004 due to drummer Erjossaari's insurmountable difficulties with tinnitus, which forced him to quit the band.

Deep Turtle made Finnish music history by being the first Finnish band to be invited to do a John Peel session in 1994. Contrary to public belief, Peel was not present at the studio, and he never managed to meet the band in person.

Track Listing:

01 - Tiodt  Ha-tuzta  Tostroid
02 - Bay zutus  Cardiako  Iim
03 - Valz  Hot Mambo  Antivalz
04 - Ørsentipede  Supraberber  Carrier
05 - Pendulum  Mikrozufé  Bourno
06 - Ultrabularit  Hogtar  D'kues

If the song titles, album title, or band name isn't enough to have you wondering what the fuck this can possibly sound like, then I don't know what else to say.  All I know is that this is essential.  

Check them out HERE


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