Sunday, May 30, 2010

How about some Sunday morning country jams??

Dale Watson isn't one to uphold the music industry's status quo. He's moving forward on his own terms and true to his own convictions. Even with frequent proclamations declaring him one of country music's last authentic voices (like that in Crazy Again--a recent documentary on Watson's life--when a fan declares, "son, you play country like country was when country was country"), Watson is done with the "C" word and what it's come to represent in modern times. So much so that he's created his own genre, simply called Ameripolitan. In a recent posting on his website (, Dale explains it like this: "I've been trying to come up with a name the best describes this music that me and folks similar do. When folks ask, I hesitate, down right embarrassed really, to say country. I didn't used to be that way, but with the change in country, the term doesn't mean the same as it used to. If you say traditional, or old, or western swing most folks think 'retro' and dismiss it without hearing it. I wanted a name that didn't say country anything and didn't give anyone a preconceived idea. I came up with Ameripolitan. I even put it in Wikipedia defined as: Original music with 'prominent' roots influence." And so it goes with Dale Watson, the kind of unparalleled iconoclast that's far too rare in music today. - taken from Myspace

1995 - Cheatin' Heart Attack

Track Listing:

 1 - List of Reasons
 2 - Caught
 3 - She Needs Her Mama
 4 - That's the Day
 5 - Cheatin' Heart Attack
 6 - South of Round Rock, Texas
 7 - Tonite, All Day Long
 8 - Nashville Rash
 9 - Wine, Wine Wine
10 - You Lie
11 - Tell 'Em I Ain't Here
12 - Holes in the Wall
13 - Texas Boogie
14 - Don't Be Angry

While I'm still recovering from having my face ripped off Thursday night @ the Pentagram/EHG show, I've been listening to a good bit of stuff from this guy right here.  This one is Dale's first release for Hightone Records and I'd have to say it is essential for anyone who is a fan of alt/outlaw country music.  I've been so busy lately with the real world that I haven't taken the time to re-encode many of these at 320kbps but I will over the next few days.  I still have video's to edit and all that so sit back, turn your speakers up, and bear with me people.   This and a few other of Dale's albums are coming with me today while I paint the house.  

Check him out HERE



  1. Definitely love me some DW, and I don't mean Waltrip!

  2. "Help me Merle, I'm break'n out in a Nashville rash"...haha! Great album from a true Texas Troubador

  3. Man, I love y'all and your taste in music and this site fukken rocks but that Wibiya shit is WACK.

  4. Damn, I thought it was kinda cool. I'll do away with it, was it slowing down the page load time?


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