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Gruesome Stuff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb (2008)

I love these guys. Awesome goregrind/death/thrash with thick ass grooves...

"Six long years it took Gruesome Stuff Relish to release a second full length album. A huge fan of their debut, Teenage Giallo Grind, I was particularly disappointed when I heard of them disappearing from the scene and later dying in some undisclosed spot. Not even horror master Billy could trace their bodies; he even checked the morgue but they had not been there. Earlier this year, however, someone performed an occult ritual involving the sacrifice of a naked boobilicious woman. Lightning had reportedly cracked up the dark Spanish sky as though a stone had been hurled at it by someone, an irate witch doctor perhaps, and up rose Gruesome Stuff Relish….from their tomb.

The screams of people that you hear in the intro of the album opener “Triumph of the Dead” could be of shock and horror looking at their walking corpses, but to their devout candle-lighting fans, they are the screams of unbridled joy and excitement. Gruesome Stuff Relish are back and they have a newfound bounce in their steps, almost as if they too are extremely happy to be back. Through the next 19 songs (plus two tracks as a Diwali bonus from No Escape records who have taken the onus of reissuing this Razorback title that was released in the same year) they revel unabashedly in their familiar highly adorable style. Something, however, has changed albeit not too drastically, and whether it is for the better or worse is a moot question. For almost as if to conform to the Razorback records template, their grinding nastiness is toned down in favour of catchy beats and groove fun partly inspired by Impetigo, which is just as well. The music now bears a close resemblance to the Haemorrhage classic, Grume, what with its Carcass-influenced splattergore music having a similar kind of Spanish jungle-groove vibe to it. The GSR cannibals on this album are not as ravenous as they used to be, and while they will devour you all the same, there will be much tribal dancing and groovy grind'n'roll festivities this time around.

From the onset their emphasis on groove and catchiness on this album will be made apparent; the music has been slowed to a mid-pace for the most part, making them prominent. They sometimes even pause in between the songs as if to wait for your mandatory nod of approval. The GSR vocalists still emulate Jeff Walker and his wide array of vocals, and though the execution seems more collected here, they possess adequate phlegm-ridden causticity. The sound, while still buzzing, is smoother comparatively and much more cohesive. The death metal influences have been nicely blended into the music. Some of their songs here are adventurous as well. Clearly they want you to have fun, and it's very hard not to. At any given point of time you will find yourself banging your head, tapping your foot or waving your penis to their music. In comparison the beloved GSR leads are sparingly used but most of them still sound like a complaining whine from a small girl whose pigtails are being pulled. The songs are too many to merit individual analysis and they all consistently deliver splashy gore fun. When blasted in the right mood, you will cling onto your speaker like a tenacious snail, and in the event of your body being forcibly pulled away from it by a family member before the album comes to its natural end, you will die if you have to sticking to it like that.

Fun comes guaranteed with every Gruesome Stuff Relish release and depending on your idea of it you will prefer either their debut or this one. I prefer Teenage Giallo Grind as it gives me the feeling of being eaten alive by angry piranhas, but this one's catchier and groovier, more accessible basically, and almost as good enough. So, though not as intense or unhinged as their first one, Horror Rises from the Tomb is still one of the most enjoyable releases of this year. Get off your ass that's been itching for fun and buy this now!" ~


1. Triumph of the Dead (3:29)
2. Psychoslasher (1:47)
3. Horror Rises From the Tomb (1:43)
4. Fullmoon Ritual (1:41)
5. Violenza carnale (1:41)
6. I Know What You Did Last Summer (in Thailand) (0:20)
7. The Symbol of Tupinamba (2:05)
8. Love Goddess of the Cannibals (2:26)
9. Z Is for Zombie (0:32)
10. The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2:25)
11. Hordes of Death (1:44)
12. Blow Their Heads (1:52)
13. Feast of the Cannibals (2:01)
14. Virus (1:20)
15. Bloodshed in Weert (0:11)
16. Ultra Zombie Mayhem (1:06)
17. Grindscene '91 (2:05)
18. Somewhere at an Altar III (0:31)
19. Nudo e selvaggio (2:27)

Total Time: 31:26

GSR - HRFTT : Awright.....


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