Monday, May 10, 2010

Cause For Effect/Utter Bastard - split 3" CD (1998)

Cause For Effect/Utter Bastard

Genre - Grind, Jazzy Grind
Origin - Tampere, Fin. & S.F, Ca.
Time - 18:31 min.
File - 35.9MB (320kbps)

Track List:
Cause For Effect

1. Sound & Vision
2. Tri. Schab
3. Index
4. Shop
5. Buk
6. Religion & Policy
7. In The Words
8. Song Of J
9. Fear Of Tomorrow
10. James
11. Consume, Smile, Die
Utter Bastard
12. Hawk
13. The Rotting
14. Little Benet Ramsey
15. Dr. E & Aquallish
16. Are You A Whore?

Here's a disc I picked up way back in 98' that I forgot I had because it's so small and gets lost in the other cd's it shelves with..haha! What you have here is Cause For Effect from Finland with a jazz infused style of grindcore and Utter Bastard from San Francisco playing their brand of straight forwardgrind. This was released on a short lived Finnish label called Tylyt Levyt.

More on Cause For Effect can be found here and here. Utter Bastard was the reason I picked this lil'slab up in the first place. I picked up their debut ep when it came out back in 96' and have been a fan since. I have the majority of their out put except for the 2002 split w/ Irritate and the new split I just seen on their page here . My favorite release by Utter Bastard is the split they did with Deadbodieseverywhere back in 98' on 625 Productions. Check this mini disc out and leave some damn comments!



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  2. It's re upped and worked fine for me. Hopefully it does for everyone else?

  3. Can you upload the split with DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE?
    I can't find it anywhere!!


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