Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - The F1rst Generation / 2econd Edition (Compilation 1997)

Genres: New Wave, Post Punk, Techno Glam Cyber Punk
Origin: London, UK
Recorded: 1984-1990
Label: Jungle Records
File: 134 Mb (320kbps)

Tony James - synth 'space' bass guitar (Roland G707)
Martin Degville - vocals
Neal X - Gibson semi-acoustic lead 'Stun' guitar
Ray Mayhew - electro drums (Simmons)
Chris Kavanagh - electro drums (Simmons)
Yana YaYa (Jane Farrimond) - Space Echo (Roland)

1. Rockit Miss USA (Black and Bluski) 6:56
2. Sex Bomb Boogie (Tick Tock and Boom!) 4:07
3. 21st Century Boy (TV Messiah) 3:59
4. Teenage Thunder (Teenage Mutants) 4:53
5. She's My Man (She-Wolves of the SSS) 4:57
6. Love Missile F1-11 (A Clockwork Sputnik) 4:54
7. Jayne Mansfield (Blitzkrieg Baby) 4:05
8. Ultra Violence (Senseless Sex and Gratuitous Sex) 5:43
9. Krush Groove Girls (The Meathookers Of Love) 4:23
10. Rockajet baby (This Stuff'll Kill Ya) 4:27
11. It's My Planet (I'll Die If I Want To) 6:07
12. Techno Krash (Skyway Stars) 4:52
Total Playing Time: 59:23

Wow, this IS the 80's right here. If you missed the cyber glam punk movement then you can learn all about it with this disc. If you were there for the glory days of the mid-eighties, you can relive the past with this incredible disc. It's pretty fucked up stuff but every single song is catchy and fun with a fair share of "friggen awesome" thrown in for good measure. So, throw on your red lipstick, pink wig and purple spandex and turn it up and start dancing around your living room like a homo! 1t'5 fun! If you're already a homo, then that's twice the fun!!
The F1rst Generation / 2econd Edition

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