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Deadfood - Demo (2000)

Demo - 2000

Genre - Jazzy, Noise, Grind ????
Origin - Los Angeles, Ca.

Time - 11:49 min.
File - 22.99 MB (320 kbps)

The key word for "weird feelings" can be "smirking" - they are based on quite serious musical cliches that are taunted with all the power of imagination agitated by mushrooms. The result they get is to be made absurd, mixed here and there with different properties and trumpery such as, degenerate vocals, acid-synthesised grunting, sounds of traditional Chukchi-Nenetsk autonomous region and etc. And such kind of miraculous stuff changes one another at the speed high enough not to be able to catch their succession. And that is what makes the album the one to listen to and the one that can't be classified. That's where the compound words like "weird-neo-noise-grind-jazz" come from to define the things that deadfood creates. Although even these words wouldn't characterize the unruly music. (taken from Sound Delirium)

Track List:
1. Colostomy Grab Bag
2. Eximo
3. Haircoup

Here is Deadfood's 3 song demo from 2000. They were a band from Southern California that featured Kevin Fetus from the bands Watch Me Burn (previous post), Fetus Eaters and Cattle Decapitation (briefly). Deadfoods music is all over the map and really hard to tag if labels are your thing.

Kevin also runs a label called Vomitcore Records that puts out most of his bands releases. The review above is from their 2001 self released full length "Weird Feelings" in which these three songs appear. Info on Deadfood is minimal but here's an interview from 2002 here and here. Check it out!

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  1. still sticks out in my mind till this day, got the demo at the first ever Tomahawk show (Mike Patton) still not very much info on them, guess they didn't make into the top 40


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