Friday, May 14, 2010

Tomorrow Night, May 15th: Fat Stupid Ugly People, Black Market Ministry, and OMEAN @ The Bar

Black Market Ministry(Hateful sludge from Monroe)
Omean (doom from the Northshore)
Fat Stupid Ugly People (thrash from NOLA!)

To any locals visiting the page:  Come drink some beer with me!!  

It's only 5 bucks!!!!!!!!


  1. Have a blast man. Drink a few for me...

  2. Have fun and unwind from your crappy work schedule! I've seen Black Market Ministry before, they were ok!

  3. Man, I really needed last night, unfortunately our babysitter decided to back out due to the shitty weather. Oh well, I was sooo damn tired I'd probably had a hard time staying awake. I was hoping to go film it for Devidowninga. This week is the Pentagram/EHG/Black Tusk/ Haarp and Omean show, babysitter or not...I'm there dude. With two extra batteries for the video camera too!


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