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Watch Me Burn - Demo (2001)

Demo 2001

Genre - Thrash/Grind
Origin - Los Angeles, Ca.
Time - 6:14 min.
File - 9.94 MB (320kbps)

Conceived by screamer SAWA, guitar player Kevin Fetus, drummer Rusty Reens and bass player Russ Herpich, as a dirty/sludgy/grind/thrash with a hint of psychedelic ambience. WATCH ME BURN set out to raise the bar of what was deemed as "extreme music".

"We wrote songs we wanted to hear, stuff that had enormous weight, coupled with a punch to the throat, and the thrill of floating in a vat of psilocybin", says guitar player Kevin.

In mid 2001 WATCH ME BURN recorded a 3 song CD that was not only praised around the world by the metal community, and brought the quartet some early label attention, but the band declined, as they felt they had some more dues to pay. The band began a lengthily campaign, passing out the 3 song CD"s to anyone who would listen, 3000 copies later the work had paid off. WATCH ME BURN was gaining attention, playing with several of underground metal's heavy weights, Pig Destroyer, Phobia, Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, and Uphill Battle. It wasn't long until WATCH ME BURN was doing sold out shows in their home town.

In the fall of 2002 a full length had been recorded for L.A. based Vomitcore Records, WATCH ME BURN began the campaign again, sending out the self titled CD's to every zine and Radio station they could find. This brought the attention from Rhapsodeath Productions to co-release a split CD with Malaysia's Spermblast. 500 copies were pressed which quickly sold out, and were just as soon repressed. Later that year, WATCH ME BURN began demoing new material which found it's way onto a split 7" with release with nosiecore/power violence pioneers Godstomper.

In mid 2003, WATCH ME BURN set out on a West Coast Tour that took them from San Diego to Vancouver B.C. for a sold out show with gore hounds Exhumed and doom messiahs Goatsblood. The writing continued, the song structures got weirder, the intensity was building, and the fan base was growing.

In Late 2004 WATCH ME BURN was asked to perform on the infamous KXLU - L.A. radio's best station, some of these songs were then released as live split 7"with fellow Vomitcore label mates Fetus Eaters...this release furthered their onslaught in the metal underground. WMB were then asked to fill in on a few West Coast dates for the Vital Remains, Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation tour. The band was well received, and was stoked to be playing for bigger audiences.

The band continued writing new material which they began recording in late 2005 and finished up in late 2006. The new songs are stronger, some have a completely new approach in regards to tuning, bringing out hidden melodies that help the bands already expanding universe of Vomitcore. There will be elements of doom, crust, thrash, grind and the intermittent burst of "funk", all the things that help make WATCH ME BURN a staple in the Vomitcore scene.
(from their myspace page)

Track List:
1. Lester
2. 3 2/3rds Numb
3. Roadkill + hidden track

Female fronted Thrash from the "City of Angels". This is the disc I spoke of in a previous post I did of The Index. This was handed out at a gig at 924 Gilman St. quite a few years back. This was the bands first effort to get the ball rolling. Hit their page up here, enjoy!


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