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Agents Of Satan - The Old Testament (2003)

The Old Testament - (2003)

Genre - Grindcore
Origin - Redwood City, Ca.
Time - 44:56 min.
File - 86.95 MB (320kbps)

Vokills - Lord Ballsakk
Bass - Ramon Salcido
Bass - Stinkweed
Drums - Junky Love

What you get here is all the A.O.S. studio recordings on one CD! Trax from the S/T ep on 625Records, the split with No Le$$, the split with Noothgrush, the split with Burn The Priest, comp. trax from El Guapo and Trainwreck Sampler, also included are trax from 2 seperate live radio shows and the EP from Radioactive Lunch(pre-Agents Of Satan). Grinding Apocalyptic HardcoreChaos!!

Track List
1. Black Scabs
2. Rape Your ass With Drugs
3. Snowmen
4. Red Impulse
5. Goatcore
6. Pusher
7. Unholy Ascension
8. H.O.G
9. Crosshairs
10. Posted
11. Silver In Christ's Cornhole
12. Vomit Tar
13. Crust = Glam
14. Snatch in Your Eye/Necrotal Ulceration
15. Raped Priest
16. Cut Off My Dick
17. Black Metal Bat
18. Goat Skrote
19. Butcher Knife
20. Agent$ No Le$$
21. Klawbo Connection
22. Shredded Clitoris And Foreskin
23. Snort Fat Lines Of Crank
24. West Bay Coalition
25. March Of The A.O.S
26. Rape Your Ass With Drugs
27. Goatcore
28. Snowmen
29. Red Impulse
30. Vomit Tar
31. Cut Off My Dick

32. Castigo Del Brujo
Radioactive Lunch
33. I Hate You
34. Ten Pounds Of Tots
35. Cake
36. Toupe'
37. Magic Shell
38. After The War
39. Crack Babies
40. Butt Sweat
41. Rump Roast
42. Gangstaa
43. Pot Cookies

Throw'n this up after Devildowninga dig'n the Agents Of Satan's tracks on "This Comp Kills Fascists" that he posted yesterday.
The Agents Of Satan formed in Redwood City, Ca. back in 1995 from the ashes of a band called Radioactive Lunch and are still in existence today in one form or another. I'm lucky enough to have witnessed the live brutality brought forth by the A.O.S many times and they always delivered the goods. Here are a few names in the West Bay Coalition family of bands that A.O.S members are in and have been in Deadbodies Everywhere, Plutocracy, Go Like This!, Altamira, Funeral Shock and Apeshit. Not much info here but you can check out some of the previous mentioned bands. Comments are greatly accepted!!


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