Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dissection - The Somberlain (Reissue 2006 w/ bonus tracks)

Forgot all about this one til recently getting reacquainted with it. Classic!!! Totally still rides above most BM nowadays, far as I'm concerned, and should be mandatory listening for every black/death fan. Originally released in 1993...

"The Somberlain is the debut album from the highly influential blackened death metal band, Dissection. In the midst of all the second wave of black metal bands and melodic death metal bands, these guys stepped out and created what no other band had done at that time; bridging the gap between black metal and death metal and throwing in some melody. This was the key that brought these Swedish pioneers to the forefront of the underground metal scene.

The complexity of the music, the distinguishable melodies, and the haunting vocals of Jon Nödtveidt on The Somberlain are what set this band apart from every other blackened death metal band. Even in today's metal scene, with the countless amounts of bands doing the same style.

Another element with this album is the atmospheric presence. To me this means that when listening to the songs on the album you are just entranced and don't want to do anything other than sit back and enjoy what is coming out of your speakers. It just leaves you in a state of euphoria and makes you dumbfounded as to how a group of guys could produce such a masterful album that not even the likes of god could duplicate.

So if you are looking for an album that has a mixture of acoustic passages, black metal, death metal, melody and a haunting atmosphere then I highly suggest this album." ~

Track List:

01 - Black Horizons
02 - The Somberlain
03 - Crimson Towers
04 - A Land Forlorn
05 - Heaven's Damnation
06 - Frozen
07 - Into Infinite Obscurity
08 - In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
09 - The Grief Prophecy - Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom
10 - Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow
11 - Feathers Fell

Bonus Tracks :

12 - Frozen (Unreleased Live Recording '95) (Bonus)
13 - The Somberlain (Unreleased Live Recording '95) (Bonus)
14 - Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom (7' EP 1991 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
15 - Son Of The Mourning (7'' EP 1991 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
16 - Into Infinite Obscurity (7'' EP 1991 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
17 - Frozen (Demo '92 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
18 - In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere (Demo '92 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
19 - Feathers Fell (Demo '92 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
20 - Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow (Demo '92 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
21 - The Call Of The Mist (Demo '90 Remastered Original Mix) (Bonus)
22 - Severed Into Shreds (Remastered Rehearsal 1990) (Bonus)
23 - Satanized (Remastered Rehearsal 1991) (Bonus)

The Somberlain


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