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Mona De Bo - Nekavējies, Šīs Ir Spēles Ar Tevi (2010)

2010 - Nekavējies, Šīs Ir Spēles Ar Tevi

Mona De Bo is a Latvian band playing a blend of slowcore, drone, and experimental rock music.

Mona De Bo was started as a guitar and drums duo by Edgars Rubenis and Edgars Eihmanis in 2005. By drawing inspiration from Deerhoof, Jeff Buckley and Sonic Youth, they took to their playing with an exploratory approach, more often going into the challenging rather than the redeeming fields of music. Roughly describable as garage-y and experimental, their early material was captured on a debut vinyl, released in 2008. It comprised 10 songs in Latvian and played mostly in duo setting.
Besides releasing their debut album, in 2008 Mona De Bo also traveled to the US to appear at the SXSW music conference, which brought them to the attention of BBC's new music scout Tom Robinson. They also worked with a theater producer Martiņš Eihe, creating an experimental and noise saturated soundtrack for his play in a drama theatre in Valmiera and playing for two seasons running at the play's performances. Touring brought Mona De Bo around the Baltic States, Russia and also Finland. Besides playing clubs they also appeared at such festivals as Jyrock (Fin), Stop The Silence (Ru), Plink Plonk (Ee) and Positivus (Lv).
In 2009, after having almost a year long break, Mona De Bo started playing again and finished the summer with it's second album "Nekavējies, Šīs Ir Spēles Ar Tevi" ("Don't Hesitate, You're Already Part Of It"). Music on the densely orchestrated (the original duo + organ, guitar, trombone, french horn, and double bass) "Nekavējies,..." clearly pays homage to the masters of doom and drone  - Earth and Sunn O))), but also involves bursts of free-jazz improv as well as melodies drenched in layers of white noise. The record was released in March 2010 to a critical acclaim both locally and internationally. It has received frequent airplay on radio stations, including the prominent Jersey City's WFMU.
The band's main desire still remains the powerful, otherworldly experience available through live performances, which have been Mona De Bo's trademark since its very beginnings.

Track Listing:

1.  Vini Aiziet Saule
2.  Priekspedejais
3.  Speles Ar Tevi
4.  Dejosim!
5.  Vestijums
6.  Un Dienas Istums Neizdziest
7.  Lielo Koku Ena

Mona De Bo guitarist Edgars Rubenis was kind enough to send me this album, which is available online for free from their web page. I told him that I would gladly give it a couple of spins and let him know what I thought of it.  He was actually surprised when I told him that I had listened to it quite a few times.  With the Drone scene gaining more and more notoriety, I can see how many really good bands will end up being overlooked . Hopefully these guys aren't one of those bands that people let slip past them.  I really, really enjoyed this album, and have listened to it a bunch more times since I recieved it.  The atmosphere that they have created here is remarkable.   If you are into Drone or Ambient music, do yourself a favor and check these guys out.  They might be the next big thing rolling off the shelves at the Southern Lord Records warehouse.  *fingers crossed*

Check them out HERE and HERE

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