Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bagged Milk and the Electro Tomatoes - Baggeddon (2009)

Year: 2009
Genre: Metal/Grindcore
Lineup- Electro Tomato - Guitars, Bagged Milk - Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming
1. Slapped Around With A Large Trout - 1:00
2. Mostly Cloudy With A Chance Of Locust Plague - 1:32
3. Brutal Goredozer Of Genocidal Massacre - 2:33

Bagged Milk And The Electro Tomatoes was a heavy metal/grind project that I started that never went anywhere. I played guitar, and an online friend from Britain programmed drums in Garageband and did vocals and bass. The songs were mostly improv'd by me, sent to Bagged Milk, and then promptly finished. He continued with his project, "Nathwhy!?", and I encourage you to check that out on Google. If we ever come back into comission, we might do a split with Nathwhy!?, so stay tuned :D


Also, hello. I am Electro Tomato, and I'm honored to be onboard the Nola 504 team. I'm new, and I promise to bring you everything from grindcore to bluegrass. Ya gotta have a car in this land of milk and honey, and I've got a goddamn tank. I would guess that this post is my shameless self-promoting way of introducing myself, so go ahead and throw assorted produce at me for my media whoring. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

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