Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dread - Buried In Narcissism (2008)

Dread - Buried In Narcissism

Genre: Filthy Sludge
Origin: Boston, Mass.
Time : 45:09 min.
File: 84.52 MB (320 kbps)

"...Piss-soaked doom fucking doom. If Anal Cunt plays at 78 rpm, Dread crank it out at 16...and slower. Crusty spoiled buttermilk vocals plugged into a blood splattered locker-room beatdown with 900 lb guitars and drums. Crushing and cruel in it's remoteness and hatred..." ---Mike IX/EyeHateGod/Arson Anthem/Outlaw Order 00%
(taken from their myspace page)

Track List:

1. Contemplating Suicide Or Murder
2. Unrecognizable Weakness
3. Introduction To Incompetence
4. Depths Of Your Flaws
5. Ringworm Migration
6. Repugnant
7. Buried In Narcissism
8. Crush My Spirit
9. Separate
10. Premeditated Cruelty

This is some filthy sludge out of Boston, Mass. featuring members of Spoiled Humanic Waste, Post Mortem and Upside Down Cross. Stop by their
page and check them out. Mike IX Williams review of "Buried in Narcissism"(above) pretty much sums it up!


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