Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morning 40 Federation - S/T

2004 release from these crazy NOLA vets that somehow causes the listener to start drinking heavily before the first song is even over. Every friggin' time! Gotta thank Swampchode for turning me onto these guys in the first place. Very cool...

"Formed in 1997 in New Orleans, LA, by saxophonist and vocalist Josh Cohen and trombonist and lead tubaist Space Rickshaw, Morning 40 Federation soon made waves locally at house parties and small clubs and bars. After achieving a more "secure" lineup -- including Bailey Smith (guitars), Ryan Scully (guitars), Steve Calandra (bass), and Mike Andrepont (drums) -- the band began to attract some important attention, and after self-releasing two full-lengths, You My Brother in 2000 and Trick Nasty in 2002, Morning 40 Federation -- or the 40s, as they were labeled by those "in the know" -- scored a record deal with M80 Records. Their first work for their new label, the self-titled Morning 40 Federation, was critically well received. Their next studio foray, Ticonderoga, was released to even more plaudits in 2006." ~ Chris True, All Music Guide

M40F : Awright.....
Awesome interview w/ the band : Here

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