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Joey Allcorn - 50 Years Too Late (2006)


2006 - 50 Years Too Late

"I don't know where the music is going, but I know where it's been."

This is what Joey Allcorn claims in his song, "This Ain't Montgomery." While no one really knows where country music is going (except that most purists would agree it sure isn't headed in the right direction), his claim that he knows country's roots is no false statement. When one listens to an Allcorn song or goes to see one of his shows, those roots are not hard to hear or see. His music doesn't feature the loud rock guitars and drums of the southern fried bubble gum found on mainstream country radio, nor does he wear the usual tank top and blue jeans ensemble one would expect of today's country stars on stage. Steel guitar can still be heard in his songs, and he and his band take the stage in suits, ties, and western wear that the stars of the Grand Ole Opry would don in '40s and '50s. To put it bluntly, Allcorn has mastered two lost arts. He makes real country music, and puts on a real country show.- J. Morningstar

Track Listing:

1.  50 Years too Late
2.  I Just Don't Know
3.  Here I Go Again
4.  Son of a Ramblin' Man
5.  Tired of Being Blue
6.  Alabama Chain Gang
7.  So Say Goodbye
8.  Don't You Call on Me
9.  This Ain't Montgomery
10. Like I Never Will Again
11. In Nashville Tennessee
12. Graveyard Bound
13. The Execution

This outstanding album was sent in by my friend DEVILDOWNINGA.  Here's what he had to say about it:

"Check this guy out. Nobody I know of' has ever heard of him and I damn near defy you not to get goosebumps over the way his music will remind you of Hank Sr. and that whole time period. He's a young guy in his 30's but goddamn, I personally have never heard any other "modern day" country that does justice to the Country Gold days of the late 50's - 60's. He does. Play this when you're in the mood to hear Hank Sr. Nobody does it like this nowadays..."

A Superdome-sized thanks to you bro!  This album is GREAT.  Featuring Hank Williams III doing guest vocals on “This Ain’t Montgomery”, Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards fame doing guest vocals on "Graveyard Bound", legendary country pianist Walter Cunningham, and a list of other musicicans  including  Donnie Herron of BR549 and Bob Dylan’s current touring band on fiddle, Andy Gibson of Hank Williams III’s Damn Band’s on steel guitar, and guitarist Johnny Hiland. 

Don't be stupid guys, getyousome


  1. Great blog you have here, just found it! This is a great post! Joey Allcorn is a cool dude with great songs. Check out his new album too "All Alone Again"

  2. Thanks for this, got turned onto Joey Allcorn thru Hank III. Great blog, keep up the good work (and Geaux Saints on Sunday!).


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