Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Devil Makes Three - 2002 - S/T

2002 - The Devil Makes Three

Track Listing:

1. The Plank
2. Graveyard
3. Beneath The Piano
4. Ten Feet Tall
5. Shades
6. Old Number Seven
7. Chained To The Couch
8. To The Hilt
9. The Bullet
10.For My Family
11.Nobody's Dirty Business

Another classic right here. I absolutely LOVE this band.  This is raw, gritty and as real as it gets.


  1. Thanx so much, once again!!! I love this band, too!

  2. No problem bro, check back later this evening, I'll probably put the other two releases up.

  3. Wow. I'd never heard of these guys. Thank you so much.
    Def. will make it a priority to see 'em live.


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