Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saint Vitus - 1986 - Born Too Late

Formed: 1980
Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: L.A.

Scott Weinrich - vocals
Dave Chandler - guitar
Mark Adams - bass
Armando Acosta - drums

1. Born Too Late 06:56
2. Clear Windowpane 03:19
3. Dying Inside 07:27
4. H.A.A.G. 05:04
5. The Lost Feeling 05:25
6. The War Starter 06:46
Total playing time
For those that don't know, this is classic Doom. This is one of my favorites from the traditional side of the genre.  



  1. kick ass.
    i saw St. Vitus open for the Mentors at the Outhouse in Lawrence, Kansas in 1987 - it was my first of thousands of acid trips and i'll never forget it. i stayed inside for all of Vitus' set, loving it, but had to leave when the Mentors came on - just too much for my el Es Dee virgin experience...

    thanks for this, i still have it on vinyl but, alas no functioning turntable...


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