Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Faeries - Riot In The Hive Mind (2003)

The Faeries definitely have their own thing going on. Blending aspects of hardcore taken from bands like pg. 99 and the weirdness of Mr. Bungle and other Mike Patton bands, The Faeries have put together one wild ride. Full of anger, skepticism, and conspiracy theories this record leaves the mind reeling. It's a diverse rollercoaster that engages throughout and keeps the listener questioning what's next? What's real?

2003 - Riot In The Hive Mind

Track Listing:

1. Rape Elvis' Skeleton
2. Manifest Destiny Intestinal Cramp
3. Money Is The Shit Of God (Bathe in God's Shit)
4. Pussy!
5. Thugs and Murderers
6. Christianity Is Preventing Us From Achieving Orgasm On a More Regular Basis
7.  Sweet Govinda

I decided to take a break from all the Country stuff that I've been posting lately.  So here comes a furious rare little gem called "Riot in the Hive Mind" by Nola's spazzy hardcore group The Faeries.

Don't be a PUSSY!

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