Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pachinko - Behind the Green Pachinko (1996)

Genre: Noise Rock
Origin: Madison, Wisconsin
Label: Alternative Tentacles

1. Lubrillarneygurney 2:14
2. Silo 1:23
3. Smut and Eggs 1:49
4. Millards 2:30
5. Cecil 3:10
6. Tags 2:50
7. Sherben 2:09
8. I Gotta Lotta Lotta Issues (Yea Yea Yea) 2:18
9. Victory Lap 2:16
10. 5¢ Hustler Pt. II: Trouble In Vegas 2:47
11. Spitvalve 2:19
12. Adonis of Denver 2:14
13. The Jump the Gorge 3:46
14. Uncle Ratty 2:52
15. Fill Her 2:02
16. Bullitt Xyy 13:50

Pachinko brings back a lot of really fun memories for me because they used to be the house band at Ocay'z corral in Madison in the mid 90's and I would see them nearly every week opening for a huge list of great punk, metal and noise bands. They always rocked. So here's one of a couple full lengths they managed to put out and it's pretty damn insane. To me they sound like a mix between the God Bullies, early Butthole Surfers and the Melvins.

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