Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strapping Young Lad - Official Bootleg

I'm a huge fan of Devin Townsend, and everything he's ever done. So after a lot of thought about which album of his to post to summarize his work for those who may not have been exposed to it, I've decided on this live album featuring both Devin Townsend's solo material, and Strapping Young Lad. It's a great set with the first part being Devin Townsend, and the rest being Strapping Young Lad.

1. Unity
2. Seventh Wave
3. Regulator
4. Truth
5. War
6. Bad Devil
7. Christeen
8. Hide Nowhere
9. Happy Birthday
10. Detox
11. Fake Punk
12. Sister
13. Hide Nowhere (acoustic)
14. Noisy Pink Bubbles
15. Night

Comment, let me know if you like it, and I'll post accordingly


EDIT: Oh, and I believe the SYL part starts at #5, but I'm not sure.


  1. Hell yeah Portrait, I'm def. digging this

  2. One of my favorite songs by SYL is Love? That is a sick song. Devin is a bad ass.

  3. Yea, I've heard him. I have most of SYL's stuff and his album Accelerated Evolution is a fucking masterpiece.

  4. Who's my favorite musician of all time? That's right, Devin Townsend is. Thanks for this. :]

  5. I love SYL and Devin projects! So thanks a lot for this album, I'll post back as soon as I'll have listened to it!


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