Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Kovenant - In Times Before The Light

Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Origin: Bergen, Norway

The first release from the band known first as 'The Covenant' and then 'The Kovenant'. The name change also saw stylistic change to industrial metal. These first two releases were pretty solid melodic black, fairly similar to Rotting Christ.

  1. "Towards the Crown of Nights"
  2. "Dragonstorms"
  3. "The Dark Conquest"
  4. "From the Storm of Shadows"
  5. "Night of the Blackwinds"
  6. "The Chasm"
  7. "Visions of a Lost Kingdom"
  8. "Through the Eyes of the Raven"
  9. "In Times Before the Light"
  10. "Monarchs of the Mighty Darkness"

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