Friday, January 29, 2010

Killin' Werewolves - Me-Maw Demos

While Killin' Werewolves are still a pretty new band, they have been stirring up some ruckus down here in the "Chocolate City".

"Were still a pretty new band, only been together since i want to say the summer of '08. Mason, our drummer, and I, Wes who plays bass, have been friends for a long time and we're in an Alk3 style pop-punk band called Attack the Gas Station for a while that played a good bit of shows. Daryl, guitarist, and Drew, the other bassist, were playing in a band called Party Time. Drew and Daryl wanted to play more poppy music while Mason and I wanted to play heavier. We all listen to all kinds of music but as a whole our band is obsessed with The Refused and Jewel. Playing a show on Feb 6th with Worn in Red (no idea records) and The Lollies. We have an ongoing contest with The Lollies to see who can put on a more violent show." - Wes

2008 - Me-Maw Demos

Track Listing:

1. All of These Knights
2. Am I the Dragon
3. Tank's on E
4. Joe Grape

And people think all we do down here is Jazz and Sludge eh? Well here's some straight up, in your face punk rock!  If you enjoyed any of my previous posts on the punk end of the spectrum, then be sure to check these guys out, HERE and HERE

Yeayourite son, don't forget to kiss your Me-Maw!

And to all the locals reading this, be sure to catch their Superbowl Party on the 6th!

2/6/2010 9:00 PM at The Outer Banks W/ Worn In Red (No Idea records), Killin’ Werewolves, The Lollies
2401 Palmyra, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

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