Monday, August 2, 2010

Orodruin (USA) - Claw Tower ...and Other Tales of Terror (2004)

Genre: Doom Metal
Lyrical Themes: Doom, Evil, and Sorrow
Formed: 1998
Label: PsycheDOOMelic
Status: Active
File Size: 140MB (320Kbps)

Mike Puleo - Bass, Vocals
John Gallo - Guitar
Nick Tydelski - Guitar
Mike Waske - Drums

1. Claw Tower 07:23
2. Creation Through Death (Reprise) 07:52
3. Unspeakable Truth 05:43
4. Stand Up and Fight (Quartz cover) 04:51
5. Epicurean Mass (Demo 2002) 06:26
6. Pierced By Cruel Winds (Demo 2002) 07:51
7. Sons Of Nature (Demo 1999) 07:50
8. Creation Through Death (Demo 1999) 06:37
9. Deity of Wrath (Demo 2001) 06:42
Total playing time 01:01:15

These guys once graced a split cd with the late, great Reverend Bizarre. One of
the members of Apostle of Solitude introduced this band to me and they are without a doubt one of the most best American bands in the Doom Metal genre. Enjoy

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