Friday, August 27, 2010

The Sex Maniacs (2004)

Genre - Hardcore, Punk n'Roll
Origin - Leeds, U.K
Time - 21:53 min.
File - 43.53 MB (320 kbps)

Sometime in 1999 four cunts got together in a practice room above a shitty record shop, broke out a bottle of JD and decided to become the ultimate rock and roll band. Although at the time three of these cunts were in the ultimate hardcore band this just was not enough, there was much more to prove. After about 30 minutes they had achieved their goal and wrote a bunch of songs that would later be released by the cuntish Eccentric Man Records as the critically acclaimed album Mean as Hell. To many Mean as Hell is a humbling experience and much demand was placed on The Sex Maniacs to perform live. They took to the boards like a tranny to lipstick, smoking every shitty band they came into contact with. The success of Mean as Hell left the band reeling, the album had gone global thanks to a reissue by the american emo label Manic Ride Records. Never had so much alcohol, narcotics and girls been thrust toward one band. Work on the follow up to Mean As Hell began but after 15 minutes, with half an album written one of the cunts (Heysi) decided to leave the band. The Sex Maniacs are only human and this kind of living can take its toll. After four years of constant abuse Heysi had to bow out, he could not take another day and became disillusioned with the rock and roll experience. Another cunt (Farley) was quickly recruited and after a further 15 minutes the follow up record had been written. Farley fit in nicely and delivered everytime but the sex maniacs soon faced another bass player related tragedy. Farley, like the true sex maniac he is likes to play hard and sometimes folk take exception to this kind of behaviour. No sooner had he joined he was picked up by the law, wanted for crimes that cannot be discussed here as it may harm his appeal and done got slung in the clink! So once again The Sex Maniacs found themselves without a bass player, but a replacement was waiting in the wings in the shape of Dougie from Gentlemans Pistols. The Sex Maniacs are once again pumped and ready to take the stage and that second album is in our sights. If you want to book us then start saving up for our rider and get in touch. (

Track List:
1. Dollar$
2. Time To Rock
3. Sabretooth
4. Gimme Nothing
5. Four Big Dicks
6. You'll Never Learn
7. Don't Hate Me
8. Broken Down Clown
9. All That Fire
10. Prick
11. Illegal Libido
12. Conjugal Blues

The Sex Maniacs feature 3 members of the UK hardcore band Voorhees and a member from The Horror. The sound they create here is nothing like either band. Think Dwarves mixed with Motorhead and Bon Scott era AC/DC. This is the state side release that was put out by Manic Ride, the label that Deadalive records morphed into. Both Deadalive and Manic Ride put out some killer hardcore slabs in the late 90's and early 2000. I think the label is now defunct, but I used to follow it quite closely and own a lot of their output. The paragraph above says it was a emo label but it must be a joke.

Time To Rock!!

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