Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cork 'n Bottle String Band - Volume II (2000)

Genre: Bluegrass
Origin: Ken's Bar & Grill, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Label: CBSB Records
File: 74 Mb (320kbps)

John Purnell - Banjo, Vocals
Kurt Kellesvig - Dobro
Dave Landau - Guitar Vocals
Greg Dierks - Mandolin, Vocals
Pat Logterman - Bass
Jim "Stringbean" Wright - Banjo, Vocals
Andy Moore - Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Brusoe - Fiddle

1. Lady Esther 3:07
2. Shawano County Shuffle 2:46
3. When The Phone Don't Ring (It'll Be Me) 2:03
4. Dangerous Game 2:56
5. Lonesome Feeling 2:42
6. Stringbean Crossing The Rhine 2:16
7. Rabbit In A Log 2:37
8. The Camden Special 3:11
9. In Like A Lion 2:24
10. Gravelyard 3:32
11. Cutter's Kickdown 2:01
12. Whiskey Before Breakfast 1:46
13. Tom Dooley 1:55

Well, you guys are in for a real treat here. I used to live in Madison, Wisconsin and every Wednesday we would take a break from the punk rock action at Ocay's Corral and head down to Ken's Bar and Grill to get drunk and entertained by the amazing Cork 'n Bottle String Band. This band just flat out rules live and they didn't really put out many cds or anything so I was really lucky to score this cd which is probably gonna be the only thing you'll even be able to find by them so enjoy this.

Cork 'n Bottle String Band - Volume II

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