Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God Bullies - Kill the King (1994)

Genre: Noise Rock/Punk Rock
Origin: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
Years Active: 1986–1995
Label: Alternative Tentacles
File: 106 Mb (320kbps)

Mike Hard - Vocals, Tape Manipulations, Samples
Adam Berg - Drums and Percussion
Mike Corso - Bass, Piano
Tommy Shannon - Guitar
David Livingston - Guitar, tapes, Electronics

1. Neighborhood Kid 2:31
2. King Of Sling 3:01
3. How Many Times 3:21
4. Detain My Brain 1:32
5. She's Wild 4:07
6. Pretty On The Inside 7:42
7. Space Kid Zoom 3:34
8. You Have Been Warned 4:07
9. It's Him 3:29
10. Artificial Insemination By Aliens 4:42
11. Hate 8:50
Total Playing Time: 46:56

This is the final album from the sick and twisted noise punk band God Bullies before they disbanded. This is the most accessible album in their catalogue but it's still very bizarre and creepy. Mike Hard is the most intense and insane vocalist ever and he kinda scares me.

Kill the King


  1. Had an hear on it but not the kind of music I'm on at the moment. Thanks for the try.

  2. yeah I'm not convinced i was specifically trying to please you...

  3. I'm just not on it at the moment...I'm all up inside it and what knotted(sic) have you's. Hey there why not have a thank you without all the underline pretentious self fellatio drowning in an air of factitious nosed nob erected snobbery... thanks! Duly noted of any specific aim, I am none the less fully pleased with thy musical alms. My tiny little troubled heart thanks you and yours for the uploaded usurpation... Or I most likely would have never had the stimulated pleasure wrought by this pretty little package. Forever and ever, amen. <3


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