Friday, October 1, 2010

Health Hazard/Suffer - Discography 93 - 96 (2005)

Genre - Hardcore Punk/Crust
Origin - England
Time - 66:54 min
File - 132.41 MB(320kbps)

A volley of abrasive, thrashing, overpowering blasts of hardcore fury. Health Hazard were a short lived English band with caustic female vocals, speeding thrash with hammering guitar, and throttling drums. One of the most classic 1990’s UK hardcore bands. (

Track List:
"S/T" 10''

1. Breeding Hatred
2. Silent Scream
3. As Safe As...
4. Homo Insipiens
5. Societies Rejects
6. Looking For An Answer
7. From Within
8. What You Going To Do?
9. Confused
10. Headroom
11. So Much Pressure
12. Die
13. Decondition
14. Misery
"Not Just A Nightmare" ep
15. Not Just A Nightmare
16. Through My Eyes
17. Kill'em All
18. Up In Smoke
19. Trapped
20. Life In Fear
21. Break The Chains
22. We R Us
23. Look At It
split ep w/Sawnoff
24. What's To Come
25. Just For Now
26. Upsetting The Balance
27. They

28. One Step Closer
29. Scroungers
30. Fuckin' Magic
31. Gridlocked
32. DV8

33. Listen
34. The Powers That Be
"Forest Of Spears" ep
35. Suffer/Conform
36. Device
37. Wrist Action
38. Mental
39. Neighbourhood Watch
40. Full Pelt
(Homesick )
split ep w/ Urko
41. Crowds
42. Spark
43. Confess
44. Listen#2

I got into these two bands from picking up the "Not Just A Nightmare" ep way back in '93 or '94. After hearing the scathing vokills and the metallic crust frenzy that was unleashed upon my earholes, I was hooked! I followed the bands and managed to pick up all of the vinyl output of both. Suffer is the band Health Hazard turned into immediately after disbanding. This discography was released on Prank Records from San Francisco, Ca. and is release #28 in their catalog. Check this slab out!

Break The Chains


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