Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talk Is Poison - Straight To Hell (1998)

Genre - Hardcore Punk
Origin- Oakland, Ca.
Time - 14.8 min
File - 29.91 MB (320kbps)

Track List:1. Right To Die
2. Talk Is Poison
3. Forgotten
4. Declassified
5. Isolation
6. Data-Void
7. Condensed Humanity
8. They Call It Law
9. Ruins
10. Floor
11. Lost

This was the bands debut ep put out by Prank Records, which released all of the bands material, 2 ep's and a split ep with Memphis, Tn. Deathreat. Prank has since released all of the material mentioned above on one slab for your listening pleasure. Talk Is Poison had a brief existence in the late nineties playing their style of straight ahead bass heavy Hardcore. Check it out!

They Call It Law!

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  1. They have been one of my greatest influences why I have decided to be a guitarist. Legendary and totally inspiring.


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