Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ancient Chinese Secret - Caveat Emptor (1999)

Genre - Hardcore/Experimental
Origin - San Francisco, Ca.
Time - 27.9 min
File - 53.88 MB (320 kbps)

What we have here is one of the most adventurous and exciting forays into the fringe of extreme hardcore in a long time (the fringe of the fringe you might say). A.C.S. consists of two long time mainstays in the power violence underground, namely Matt Martin (ex CAPITALIST CASUALTIES) and Chris Dodge (SPAZZ, Slap A Ham Records, etc) teamed up with trained female vocalist Lydia Dodge who admits to not even liking power violence. The result is an experimental hardcore album that captures the imagination, revels in eclecticism, and still manages to rock your pathetic world. With only bass guitar, drums, vocals, and various key and tape loop embellishments A.C.S. do things with their music that I guarantee you've never heard the likes of before. Their uniqueness is so much a part of their sound that even from track to track they are vastly diverse. Whether it is a song like "The Basics" that has the flavor and directness of early NOMEANSNO or "Sakura" which is as close to "normal" power violence as A.C.S. gets or even the organ interlude "The Overlook", ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET will keep you guessing. Anyone interested in hearing something different needs to check this out. Folks who gravitate towards bands that reject the norm (MITB, GASP, etc) will find their new gods in A.C.S. because in a lot ways this album bridges the gap between the familiar and the bizarre. It has enough roots and simplistic pummeling power to connect it to hardcore fans yet is left of center enough to appeal to fans of music that is way "out there". Hopefully people are smart enough make the connection because it would be a crime if this album got lost somewhere in the middle. (Jeb Branin/In Music We Trust)

Track List:
1. Waiting For Doctor Bombay
2. A Nice Day
3. Moral Of The Story
4. ??? (Japanese Titled)
5. Hyper Liar
6. Obnoxious Fumes
7. The Overlook
8. The Basics
9. Outburst
10. Flight Or Fight
11. Quiet For The Choirmaster
12. Needle's Eye
13. The Candle Burns
14. A Passage Of Time

I picked this up the day it hit the streets. This was release #50 in the Slap a Ham Records catalog. Give it a listen and leave some comments on what you think about it!

Moral Of The Story


  1. Man, the first two tracks are missing!

  2. I'll re-up it for you hang tight

  3. Re-ripped and up'd! Sorry about not noticing the tracks were missing....Enjoy!

  4. Nice pick..

    Had this CD back around the time it came out, totally weird stuff!
    Probably hard to imagine what experimental powerviolence with female singing is gonna sound like... but i don't know how to describe it better, download this one!

  5. i dont normally comment. however, i have been looking for this album for YEARS.

    thank you.

  6. Thanx a bunch. Bought this masterpeace when it came out, but then it got a little wrecked after I moved a few years ago. Greetings from Norway :)


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