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Christ Inversion Discography

Black/Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana) 1994 Housecore Records Split-up
Last known line-up
Anton Crowley (Phil Anselmo) - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Pantera, Viking Crown, Enoch (US), Superjoint Ritual, Necrophagia, Down, Southern Isolation, Razor White, Eibon (US), Body And Blood, Arson Anthem)
Wayne Fabra - Vocals (Necrophagia, Graveyard Rodeo)
Big Ross - Keyboard (Down, The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight, Drip, Southern Isolation)
Jay Gracianette - Bass (Graveyard Rodeo, Valkyrie (US), Haate)
Kevin Bond - Guitar (Superjoint Ritual, Nuclear Crucifixion (US), Body And Blood, Floodgate, Artimus Pyledriver)
Tommy Buckley - Drums (Soilent Green, Crowbar, Drip, Graveyard Rodeo)
Former/past member(s)
Gary Hebert - drums (Graveyard Rodeo, New Religion (US), Valkyrie (US))

1994 - Obey the Will of Hell

Demo, Self-Released

Only available on tape.
Original line-up:
Wayne Fabra - Vocals
Phil Anselmo - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Ross Karpelman - Keyboards
Jay Gracianette - Bass
Gary Hebert - Drums

Reissued by Funeral In Hell in 2004 under the title "To Lord Lucifer My First

Reissued by Housecore Records in 2008 under the title "Christ Inversion."
1. Crucifucking the Possessed
2. Prudent to the Thrones of God
3. Obey the Will of Hell
4. Lucifer Rise
5. Enochian Tongues
6. Chimes of Deafening Misery
7. Inflamed With Prayer
8. Godfall
1.Prudent To The Thrones Of God06:05
2.Obey The Will Of Hell02:21
3.Lucifer Rise06:13
4.Enochian Tongues05:29
5.Chimes Of Deafening Misery03:57
6.Inflamed With Prayer-Godfall07:14
Total playing time31:19


1995 - 13th Century Luciferian Rites

Only exists on tape.
A reissue on cd (from Housecore Records) has been continually promised since
1.Christened By Dark Waters Of Pazuzu06:19
2.The Blinding Darkness Of Hell05:39
3.Through Satanik Damnation I Will Destroy05:51
4.Beyond The Woods Of Funeral Dread05:08
5.Dying October02:38
6.Holocaustik Antichrist Fire07:40
7.Catholic Skin Torture05:37
8.Zyklon Baptism03:11
9.Blazing Thrones Of Napalm04:17
10.Everything I Touch Dies02:25
Total playing time48:45


2008 - Christ Inversion 

Best of/Compilation, Housecore Records
October 28th, 2008

Reconfigured release of the first demo.
1.Crucifucking the Possessed00:32
2.Prudent to the Thrones of God04:33
3.Obey the Will of Hell02:23
4.Lucifer Rise06:24
5.Enochian Tongues05:39
6.Chimes of Deafening Misery04:01
7.Inflamed with Prayer04:17
Total playing time31:13


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