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Deadbolt - 2000 - Voodoo Trucker

2000 - Voodoo Trucker

Track Listing:

Headhunter Records

1. Billy's Dead
2. Voodoo Trucker
3. Truck Driving S.O.B.
4. Red Cooley
5. Voodoo Curse
6. McGortsy
7. Blacktop Fever
8. Whereabouts Unknown
9. What Can I Do
10. Roadside Cross
11. The Mocker
12. Let's Truck
13. Lone Highway
14. Trucker's Rumble

There are few names the conjure up as much fascination in the Psychobilly and Rockabilly music scene as that of the creepy dark San Diego act Deadbolt.  The sound of Deadbolt doesn’t just hook, it grabs and clutches.  Their signature coined sound Voodoobilly draws a lot from early Dick Dale surf rock, the Greasy Sleazy sounds of The Cramps, and the bombastic yet humorous early era of the late Man in Black Johnny Cash.  The act formed in early 1988 with the sole idea of breaking out of the stigma of the Goth and Punk scene in San Diego buy creating something truly creepy, funny, entertaining, and balls out rude. The signature breakout album that launched them into Psychobilly fame by many accounts was the heavy and gritty album VOODOO TRUCKER.

The album opens with “Billy’s Dead”, a hilarious and lusty track of necrophilia and mystery. How can you go wrong with that?  The gritty and eerie title track “Voodoo Trucker” keeps you in a slow groove with dripping surf guitar riffs and eerie low vocals. “Truck Drivin S.O.B.” is the hallmark calling card of the hippy hunters live act.  With film noir vocal narration and sixties gangster pulp images, you get the well painted image of angst and anger meant to pound in the faces of hippies and slack jaws everywhere.

The crawling voodoo guitar riffs of “Red Cooley” keep you glued to the stereo while the horror chants “Red Cooley Burn in Hell” will stick in your head for days. “Mc Gortsy” is a hackle raising song of the psychological damage one gets when your forced to drive just one too many long haul shifts. “Roadside Cross” is a track that would fit perfectly in late night horror black and white glory as a serial killing trucker puts his prey underground. The album closes out with “Truckers Rumble”, a low groove of zombie guitar riffs and CB chatter.

This album proves to be a breakout album for the “Scariest Band in the World” because it features some of the heaviest and most complex guitar work the act can muster.  Most people overlook surf rock riffs, easily dismissed in the cacophony of keyboard centered club tracks.  Deadbolt reveals it to be an altogether ripping different sound that grabs hold and refuses to let go.  At the first onset, one cant help but get up and groove as R.A. Mclean and Harley Davidson pull headlong with rock solid time tested guitar work.   If your interested in trying something outside of the usual Romantic flair with a biting gritty dark edge, these guys are the ticket.

- taken from Fangoria


This album has been in my stereo for a month straight!!   Definitely worth a listen.  - swampchode

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