Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pinebox Serenade

2005 - Pinebox Serenade
Texas collective known as Pinebox Serenade present their self-titled debut of gothic Americana. It`s a loose array of dirgey mountain folk, dark ballads and gypsy tales, all graced with bluegrass elements and bedeviled with the irreverence of alt. country. The seven members, four of whom sing, fill out their rough-hewn rural arrangements with mandolin, fiddle, cello, lap-steel, banjo, guitar, bass and drums. Their songs speak of such notable members of society such as the town drunk, the local gravedigger, the marginally insane, the lovelorn and the doomed. Recorded and produced by Slobberbone`s Brent Best, in his Denton home studio. The 11 songs on this acoustic hootenanny with its dark lyrics but sprightly music reveal a band who understands the power of contrast.


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