Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Memphis Jug Band (1927-1934)

The Memphis Jug Band was an American musical group in the late 1920s and early to mid 1930s. The band featured harmonicas, violins, mandolins, banjos, and guitars, backed by washboards, kazoo, and jugs blown to supply the bass; they played in a variety of musical styles. The band recorded almost a hundred titles.
Between 1927 and 1934 various African-American musicians in the Memphis, Tennessee area grouped around singer, songwriter, guitarist, and harmonica player Will Shade (also known as Son Brimmer or Sun Brimmer). The personnel of this jug band varied from day to day, with Shade booking gigs and arranging recording sessions. The band functioned as a training ground for musicians who would go on to success with careers of their own. (Wikepedia)

1. Lindberg Hop
2. On the Road Again
3. Stealin’Stealin’
4. Insane Crazy Blues
5. K.C. Moan
6. Cocaine Habit Blues
7. Newport News Blues, tk.1
8. Whitewash Station Blues
9. The Old Folks Started It
10. Everybody’s Talking About Sadie Green
11. Memphis Jug Blues, tk.1
12. Gator Wobble
13. Little Green Slippers
14. Taking Your Place
15. Sometimes I Think I Love You
16. Memphis Boy Blues
17. Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
18. What’s the Matter?
19. Oh Ambulance Man
20. Beale Street Mess Around
21. She Stays Out All Night Long
22. You May Leave But This Will Bring You Back
23. Fourth Street Mess Around

I was having such a fun time listening to this great cd that i thought i had to share. I'd like to hear some early Louisiana Jug/Blues bands from the 20's-30's, if there were any. This is timeless music and i'm glad these recordings sound so good. Check 'em out!


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