Monday, September 28, 2009

GG Allin - Banned in Boston (1988)

Released: February 1988
Recorded: 1978-November 1984
Genre: Punk rock
Length: 72:31
Label: Black & Blue Records
Producer: Peter Yarmouth
1. Dead or Alive
2. Interview
3. Live Boston:
...You Hate Me and I Hate You
...Gimme Some Head
...Don't Talk to Me
...Nuke Attack
...Bored to Death
4. Assface
5. Interview
6. Live Fast Die Dast Fast
7. Livin' Like an Animal
8. Loudenbomber
9. I Need Adventure
10. NYC Tonite
11. No Rules
12. A Fuckup
13. Gimme Some Head
14. You Hate Me and I Hate You
15. Bored to Death
16. Beat Beat Beat
17. One Man Army
18. Assface
19. Cheri Love Affair
20. Automatic
21. I Need Adventure (1980 Version)
22. Don't Talk to Me
23. Unpredictable
24. Radio Interview
This is the real deal, a compilation of all the best stuff from GG's best era, with the Jabbers. I'm posting this to go along with the GG tribute cd. If you are unfamiliar with GG's music, this is when he was pretty much pop punk and his vocals are incredible (actually, a bit charming). The album is jam packed with great sing-along fun classics. This is probably my favorite punk cd ever.
"42nd street's got what I need
Dark alleys and a lot of disease
Hanging out on the lower east side
We don't give a damn if we live or die, so
Come on now, let's get going
We got lots of things to do
One thing that I know is
We're gonna raise hell in New York City tonite"

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  1. I downloaded the whole album because its the only one where it is "Dead or Alive" and you know what? I DOESN´T FUCKING WORK!! anyways i hate you you hate me


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