Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kamchatka - 2007 - Volume II

2007 - Volume II

Volume II is the second album of Kamchatka, a 11 track album containing 1 cover: "Enemy Maker" originally written by Alan Haggerty. The album was recorded by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka, mixed by Nicholas Elgstrand and Kamchatka and mastered by Tobias Strandvik and Kamchatka at Shrimpmonkey studios.

Track Listing:

  1. "Who Am I?"
   2. "Breathe"
   3. "Terminus"
   4. "Withstand"
   5. "From Here"
   6. "Enemy Maker"
   7. "Heritage"
   8. "Sweet Relief"
   9. "Pogonophonics"
  11. "Jigsaw"

Here is Kamchatka's second release.  If you enjoyed their first one, don't miss this. Songs like the album opener "Who am I?" and "Terminus" are definitely gonna keep you hooked, and just make sure you are mentally ready for the mind-blowing "Pogonophonics". 


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  1. Sweet, been looking for this, many thanks


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