Sunday, October 11, 2009

Forgotten Land - Samhain - Autumn (2007)

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Lyrical themes: Ancient Times/Dream Worlds
Origin: U.S.A. (Springfield, Ohio)
Current line-up: Lord Tetrarch - All Instruments/Vocals/Artwork
Formed In: 2003
Status: Active
1. Introduction 2:40
2. An Autumn Whisper Legend 9:50
3. Tempest of a Gale 8:43
4. In the Caves of Enceladus 7:17
5. Mysteries of the Artifact 15:31
6. What Reflected Off the Water 09:10
Total playing time
Here's an album that goes with the season. Forgotten land is a wonderful solo project by Lord Tetrarch out of Ohio and he plays an awe inspiring blend of dark ambient and black metal. Perfect for sipping on coffee and watching the leaves fall, this is truly a majestic and relaxing album. The metal elements are pretty minimal so get this if you are into ambient soundscapes.

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