Friday, October 2, 2009

Shab - Mourning in the Night (2004)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal/Ambient
Country: Iran
Lineup: Hamid `Avinar` M.A : All instruments (1000 Funerals, Avinar)

1. Mourning Of The Gray Stars For Your Blackest Moon (Mim Cover) 3:20
2. Lost Hope Of Moon For Shine 03:23
3. Engraving On The Black Stone 02:13
4. Darkening Forest Of Wisdoms 04:38
5. Sounds Of Marching Mournful Legion 05:09
6. Daylight Without Sunshine 03:03
7. Black Mass Of The Dried Branches 07:16
8. We're Just A Moment In Dark Ages 03:43
9. Burning To Dust Of All Black Trees 03:44
10. From Shadows To The King Of Lights 03:19
11. And The All Lights Will Be End 02:22
12. Dead Wish In The Darkness 04:30
13. Romanticization Of The Dying Brain 04:58
14. In The Depths Of This Night Heart 05:46
15. Dark Eternal Without Shining 04:44
16. In The Center Of The Darkness 02:48
17. We Are Darkness In The Abyss 03:43
18. Dark Funeral Without Any Tears 05:02
19. Silence And Sorrow With Endless Griefs 02:16
20. Nocturnal Griefs In The Heart Of Avinar 02:16
21. Funeral Of Moon In The Lands Of Forest 02:51
22. Goodbye Moonlight of our Black Desires For Shine (Avinar cover) 02:39
Total playing time 01:22:43

This album is just amazing to me. It's as if every single song would be perfect at a funeral. It's pretty mellow and the atmosphere is just stinking thick with despair. For some reason i just love these Iranian one man black metal bands. This album just goes on for a month and never gets boring. The only fault is the album cover, but I'm sure it's good if you could see it. The song titles are unintentionally hilarious.


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