Saturday, October 3, 2009

Haarp - EP - 2009

2009 - Demo EP II

Track Listing:

1. If they were men
2. Durendal Foresaken
3. Blindsight
4. Mons Sermo Incendia

The 2009 E.P., released with the same lineup, has a harsher guitar sound and adds the bass guitar fuzz more typical of the genre, which stands out on slower tracks "Durendal Forsaken" and "Mons Sermo Incendia". The tracks are longer on average, the shortest being over seven minutes, and the album feels more like a movie soundtrack than a collection of songs. "If They Were Men" clocks in at a whopping nine and a half minutes , subjecting listeners to a long, slow intro, erratic guitar solos, and an ultra-fuzzy bass solo that ends with non-resolving dissonance. The second track, "Durendal Forsaken", runs the gamut of metal styles, beginning with New Orleans sludge, making a short sprint through Exodus-influenced thrash, and climaxing at another moody midsection, one which likens the band to a very slow Amon Amarth and reveals again the band's knack for composition. The song has three false-endings. "Blindsight" is a lyrical ouroboros beginning and ending with the words "Blackest, coldest heart" in which the god Ares warns his successor "One needs the patience of a saint to cultivate this hate". This E.P. ends stronger than the other, the last track an opus in which gods and giants destroy the earth.

Don't miss out on this one either.  Haarp fucking slays!!  NOLA sludge/doom at it's best.  One of my personal favorite bands.  



  1. fuckin' love haarp, thanks for the upload

  2. Saw the dude from Dark Castle wearing a Haarp shirt and thought, hell, I ought to check them out. Thanks for the up!


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