Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Devil Dogs - Satuday Night Fever (1993)

Formed: New York
Genre: Rockabilly, Punk

Devil Dogs:
The Fabulous Andy G (guitar, vocals)
Crazy Stevie (bass guitar)
Mighty Joe Vincent (drums).

01. Big Fuckin Party (PT.1) (3:06)
02. Dance With You Baby (1:48)
03. Gonna Be My Girl (2:09)
04. Once Around The Block (1:56)
05. I Don’t Believe You (2:18)
06. Backstage (2:36)
07. Back In The City (1:56)
08. 6th Ave Local (2:15)
09. It’s Not Easy (2:05)
10. Sweet Like Wine (3:21)
11. Stuck In 3rd Gear (2:52)
12. Alright! (2:35)
13. Big Fuckin Party (Reprise) (1:12)
14. Get On Your Knees (3:34)
15. Hellraiser (2:59)
16. Burnin Love (2:21)
17. So Young (3:00)
18. Long Gone (2:07)

Batmobile got me thinking about rockabilly type styles then i thought of the greatest punkabilly band ever! It's the god freakin' Devil Dogs! Damn this cd really brings back some memories for me. It's just a non stop party punk band with an exciting 50's flare. This is New York's hidden gem right here.

Devil Dogs

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  1. Hmm, I'd have to disagree with the Rockabilly/Punkabilly label. Andy G DOES rock a Gretsch guitar, but the Devil Dogs were just plain ROCK and ROLL!

    I never saw the Devil Dogs live, but I have seen all three of them play live in other bands.

    Thanks for this post. I have the vinyl, but the CD version has extra tracks.


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