Monday, October 26, 2009

Lord Wind - Atlantean Monument (2006)

Genres: Darkwave / Folk / Medieval
Lyrical Themes: Paganism, War
Origin: Poland
Formed: 1994
Status: Active
Lineup: Rob Darken - All instruments

1. Atlantean Monument 2:05
2. The Temple of Harmony 7:14
3. Valleys of Forgotten Tombs 6:43
4. Shining Eyes of Misty Witch 4:34
5. Rain Healing the Wounds 7:57
6. Secret Key to Hidden Wisdom 10:24
7. Summoning the Wind 7:43
8. Flame of Ancient Glory 8:45
9. Tower of Cult of Fire 5:08
10. Garden of the Wizards 4:37
11. The Temple of Sun 5:38
12. Field of Broken Swords 4:40
Total playing time

This is Rob Darken's 4th full length album with his solo project Lord Wind and it's by far his most mature and beautiful work to date. This album has wonderful peaceful keyboard melodies along with tribal drumming and choral vocals. You will be taken to Medieval times and your mind will be filled with wonder and tranquility.

Lord Wind

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