Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunn O))) - Dømkirke Live in Beregen Cathedral

2008 - Dømkirke
Dømkirke is perfectly suited to be a vinyl-only release. Coming from the collector-oriented doom-metal aficionados at Southern Lord Recordings, these two 180 gram slabs of vinyl absolutely bring out the "warmth" (or, should I say "coldth") of the Bergen, Norway cathedral where it was recorded live. The first track is especially well-suited, as ex-Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar belts out Satanic Gregorian chant music over the rumble of an ancient pipe organ and Sunn O)))'s deliciously barbiturate brand of sonic evil. The highlight, though, is "Cannon," a song so dark that gargoyles are sure to rise off these drab gray buildings and swallow innocent souls raw. Dømkirke is the kind of work that, to quote fellow RYM-er RIStout, "Makes me want to go to church again. That is if Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley were the music directors and Attila Csihar was the cantor."

Track Listing:

1. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?
2. Cannon
3. Cymatics
4. Masks The Aetmospheres

 This is probably one of the creepiest recordings I have ever heard.  I listened to it for the first time on some really good headphones, I suggest you do the same (that way you don't miss anything).  I'm a sucker for creepy drawn out drone/doom. 


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