Friday, October 9, 2009

Njiqahdda - Njimajikal Arts (2007)

Origin: United States of America (Illinois)
Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Ambient
Lyrical theme: Meditation, Nature, Transcendence
Formed In: 2005
Status: Active

Current line-up:
/ - Clean Vocals, Synths/Keys, Guitars, Field Recordings
_ - Distorted Vocals, Drums, Bass

Disc 1
1. Blister Within the Hive 8:49
2. A Tale of Ancient Tongue 17:53
3. Blue Wintry Days 28:23

Disc 2
1. Ancient Tongue Recital 22:01
2. The Wintry Grey 22:40
Total playing time

Well this double cd is Njiqahdda's first full length release and it's also my favorite. Don't let the song lengths scare you, this music will take you to another place in your mind. It truly is a majikal masterpiece. I haven't heard anything else like this. Ever. What you will get here is over 2 hours of mesmerizing tranquil black metal soundscapes, and i promise you will become addicted to this band.

Njimajikal Arts


  1. Mediafire makes my life so much easier. Thank you

  2. Kur isn't lying!! Everything they have released is amazing. I love listening to this album when the weather is shitty, and I'm trapped inside... It takes my mind somewhere unexplainable.

  3. Excellent release but Nji Njiijn Njiiijn is even better - if that's possible.

  4. yeah, that is really good, too. I'll probably get that one up, too. according to MA, they have a bunch of new releases coming

  5. could u please re up!! link isnt working!


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