Friday, October 30, 2009

Zuriaake & Yn Gizarm - Autumn of Sad Ode / Siming of Loulan (Split, 2005)

Genre: Black Metal
Origin: China

1. Dying in Autumn 6:04
2. Thinking in Autumn 7:10
3. Sad Ode 7:05
4. Elapsing in Autumn 7:13

Yn Gizarm:
5. The Ruins of Loulan 8:30
6. Ghosts in Ambush 7:17
7. Burying in the River of Peacock 5:29
8. Migration 8:32
Total playing time

This split is pefect for autumn as you can see by the track listing. I'm a huge fan of Chinese black metal and this is one of the better releases. Both bands play tranquil, mid paced atmospheric black metal that just oozes melancholy. Check it out.


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