Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ed Hall - La La Land (1995)

Origin: Austin, Texas, USA
Genres: Alternative rock, Noise rock
Years active: 1987 – mid-90s
Labels: Boner Records / Trance Syndicate
Gary Chester - guitar, vocals
Larry Strub - bass guitar, vocals
Lyman Hardy - drums, vocals
1. Pollution
2. Fanblades of Love
3. Weirdo Song
4. Huge Giant Omen
5. Hybrid
6. Music for Couches
7. Angel
8. Paralell Universe
9. Euphonious Sophistry
10. Sad & Beautiful World
11. Flipper
12. 1970-711
13. (run out collage)
Ed Hall were a pretty unknown band but I saw them live back in the early 90's and it was just an incredible experience so i rushed out and bought all their albums and they were all good but on this one, they brought everything together. It's a melodic, abrasive, noisy and interesting album which requires repeated listenings. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do. I have their earlier albums too, so if you want them just holler.

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