Saturday, October 17, 2009

Creepmime - 1995 - Chiaroscuro

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands (Oegstgeest, South Holland) 
Formed in 1991
Officially Split up in 1998

 1995 - Chiaroscuro


Track Listing:

1.The Colour Still Unwinds04:35
2.Scarlet Man03:32
3.In The Flesh05:29
7.Black Widower04:08
8.Fools Paradise04:56
9.King of Misrule05:19
10.God's Thoughts05:53

 This is Creepmime's second and final release. Every time I listen to this album I wonder, what would have become of these guys had they not split up?  It's a shame too, because these guys were damn good. If you enjoyed their first album, don't miss this one.  


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