Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sluts - 1982 - 12 Inches of Sluts LP

Remember when punk rock was loud, obnoxious, and offensive? The Sluts were an early 80's New Orleans punk band that fit that description perfectly! Their vocalist, Dee Slut, auditoned for Black Flag when Dez Cadena wanted to switch to guitar, but, obviously, Rollins got the gig. They are mentioned in Henry Rollins "Get In The Van". - taken from Paranoize  ( big thanks to Bobby @

1982 - 12 Inches of Sluts LP

Track Listing:

1. Head Hunter
2. Chicken Sticken
3. Fuck You
4. Cunning Linguist
5. Gator Rockin
6. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend Baby
7. One Chord City
8. Nuke the Whales
9. Poor blacks
10.Hey Hey We're the Sluts
11.Mom's Cunt
12.Rip Off Rocker
13.Draft Song

This is some classic stuff right here.  Any punk/hardcore fan should check this out. 

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